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Footybook is a social network of amateur footy players sharing stats, talent and fun.
Footybook’s mission is to connect the nation’s community of amateur footballers, support the development of upcoming stars and have a whole heap of fun.
To join Footybook, visit the Apple App Store today!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Footybook is a social network of amateur footy players sharing stats, talent and fitness.
Footybook is available on all iOS (Apple) devices with the Android and Windows version currently in development.
Footybook is available right across Australia.
Download Footybook from the App store and click the ‘create account’ button on the home screen.
Click on the ‘forgotten password’ button on the home screen.
By inviting your friends to Footybook's Facebook page or sending Footybook website URL.
Footybook works on a reporting system, if you are found entering false records into your account then you could get reported, leading to warnings or cancelation of your account. A fair game’s a good game!

Create a new game by heading to the Blackboard section of the application through the toolbar menu. Click on the create button at the top of the screen and enter in the game details (i.e. what round your playing, what the date is and who’s recording your game).

Whilst your playing, have someone record your plays on the game by pressing the plus or minus buttons. Your fantasy points will be recorded as follows:

K = Kicks (3 fantasy points) B = Behind (1 fantasy point)
H = Handball (2 fantasy points) G = Goal (6 fantasy points)
HO = Hit out (1 fantasy point) M = Mark (3 fantasy points)
T = Tackle (4 fantasy points) B = Behind (1 fantasy point)
F+ = Free kick for (1 fantasy point) F- = Free kick against (-3 fantasy points)

Remember to record your plays under each respective quarter. Your totals and averages for each game and total games will be automatically recorded.

After you’ve recorded a game, it will be saved under the Blackboard menu. From their you can view your results and share them on Footybook. Your overall averages will automatically include all games regardless of if you share your individual game results.

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