Footybook Privacy Policy

Effective date: This Privacy Policy was last revised on May 17th, 2015.

Footybook recognises the importance of consumer privacy and we take this issue seriously. Accordingly, we have designed this Privacy Policy so that you can better understand our privacy practices with respect to the information provided or collected on or through any of the Footybook services that contain a link to this Policy.

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with this entire Policy prior to providing us with any information through the Footybook services. Throughout the policy we use capitalised defined terms. These terms are intended to have the meaning given to them in the Policy. Footybook recommends you should read the entire Policy.

This Policy only applies to your activities on the Footybook services that contain a link to the Policy, and it does not govern activities that are "offline" or unrelated to such Footybook services. We encourage you to review the posted privacy policy on each of our websites and mobile applications prior to using them and providing us with information online.

  • We collect certain information about you when you interact with the Footybook services (e.g., Usage Information), both by directly asking you to provide us with such information and by automatically collecting it, including through the use of Web Technologies. Some of this information may be shared with third parties, including other Users and Visitors, advertisers and advertising related service providers.
  • Third parties – including Linked Services (e.g., Twitter, Facebook), advertisers, and advertising service providers – may also collect certain information about you in connection with your use of the Footybook services (e.g. Usage Information).
  • You may be served with targeted advertising on the Footybook services and on websites, applications, and other platforms owned or controlled by third parties based on information about you collected both on and off the Footybook services, including advertisements based on your location and/or Usage Information.

If you have any questions about this Policy or our privacy practices, or you wish to receive a copy of this Policy then, please contact us through the contact information provided at


Who we are

Footybook is a social network of amateur Australian Rules football players sharing statistics, talent and fun. Footybook calculates your Footy Fantasy Points via your mobile and allows you to share and compare your performance. Footybook services include: (i) those offered on any Footybook branded URL, including (the "Footybook Website"); (ii) Footybook messaging services (e.g., instant messaging, private messaging, public and private group chatting, etc.); (iii) Footybook developer services; (iv) Footybook mobile services; (v) Footybook advertising services; and (vi) any other features, content, or applications offered or operated from time to time by Footybook in connection with the Footybook business. This Policy applies to the Footybook services. The Footybook services are hosted in Australia.

Scope of this policy

This Policy describes generally how we collect, use, store and share information that we receive from users of Footybook services ("Users"). This Policy applies both to individuals using such services that register with Footybook and create Footybook accounts and their associated Profile(s) ("Members"), as well as individuals who use such Footybook services without registering ("Visitors").

This Policy covers the activities of Footybook with respect to the collection, use, storage and disclosure of information through any of the Footybook services that contain a link to this Policy. The activities of third parties that provide services (including advertising services) to Footybook, or that you link to from us, or that may collect information about you themselves or that we may share your information with, including any affiliates ("Specific Media"), are governed by the respective privacy policies of those third parties.

Please note that this Policy does not limit Footybook use or sharing of aggregated, de-identified or other anonymised information that does not constitute Personal Information (as defined below). We may use and/or share such information in any manner not otherwise prohibited by this Policy, without notice or compensation to you, including freely disclosing for any legal purpose non-Personal Information to advertisers, partners, content owners, and other third parties.

We will continue to evaluate and update this Policy as we rollout additional services for our Users, employ new technologies and otherwise adapt and improve along with the evolving online and digital world so we recommend that you check for changes regularly. We welcome your comments, as we strive to maintain a Policy that is both transparent and that improves the Footybook services.

To the extent that we provide you notice on any of the Footybook services of different or additional privacy policies or practices (e.g., at the point of our collection), those additional terms shall govern such data collection and use. In addition, please review Footybook Terms of Use, available at, which governs your use of Footybook services.

The information that we collect

Information you provide to us

Personal information and demographic information
We may ask you to provide us with certain information when you interact with the Footybook Services. This information can generally be grouped into two main categories - Personal Information and Demographic Information.

Information that identifies you as a particular individual is referred to in this Policy as "Personal Information." This would include your full name, e-mail address. Please note that the term Personal Information does NOT include Footybook IDs or Device Identifiers (as such terms are defined below), except to the extent that they are combined with other forms of Personal Information that we have collected directly from you on the Footybook services. The term "Demographic Information" refers to information about groups or particular types of individuals that access the Footybook Services. Demographic Information does not directly identify you as a specific individual, and would include information such as your age, gender, marital status and zip code.

We collect Personal Information and Demographic Information through the Footybook services when you choose to provide us with such information, for example when you register to become a Member. We may also collect Personal Information and/or Demographic Information through a variety of other methods including profile or login connections with social media networks such as Facebook and/or Twitter.

Registration Information
Certain features of the Footybook services are only accessible by Members who have registered with Footybook and created a Footybook account ("Account"). In order to do so, you must first complete a registration form that requests certain basic registration information from you, such as your full name, e-mail address, date of birth, and gender (collectively, "Registration Information"). Please note that the Registration Information requested by Footybook may include both Personal Information and Demographic Information.

Profile Content
When you sign up as a Member, you are required to create a Footybook profile that is associated with your Account ("Profile"). Footybook may allow you to populate your Profile with certain content chosen by you, and we may also associate additional content with your Profile based on your interactions with the Footybook services (collectively, "Profile Content"). Any Profile Content that Footybook allows you to submit must comply with the restrictions set forth in our Terms of Use at all times. Please note that your Profile Content may contain Registration Information. The information in your Profile Content is grouped into two main categories – Restricted Information and Public Information.

"Restricted Information" refers to those portions of the Profile Content and Activity Notifications associated with your Profile to which you may elect to restrict access by changing the Profile settings that Footybook may make available to you from time-to-time ("Profile Settings") or by changing other functionality specific settings on the Footybook services. These Profile Settings may permit you to create a "Restricted Profile" by choosing to enable certain (but not absolute) limitations on the availability of certain aspects of your Profile that are not Public Information, certain associated Profile Content, and some of the notifications that Footybook produces regarding your activities ("Activity Notifications"). Further, unless otherwise provided by Footybook, all of your Profile Content and Activity Notifications will still be available to the Profiles that you allow to connect to you. Please note you are currently unable to restrict access to Public Information, which can always be viewed, accessed, and used by anyone with access to the Footybook services, including via third party search engines.

"Public Information" refers to the portion of your Profile Content that can always be viewed, accessed, and used by anyone with access to the Footybook services (e.g., Footybook and other Users). Any Profile Content that does not otherwise constitute Restricted Information is considered Public Information for the purposes of this Policy. At a minimum, Public Information includes your:

  • Full Name
  • Username
  • Stated Location
  • Footybook IDs

Public Information also includes:

  • Any additional Profile Content associated with a "Public Profile," which refers to any Profile for which a User has set the Profile's visibility status to "Public" in his or her Profile Settings, but subject to mix privacy settings (as further defined);
  • Activity Notifications published on the Footybook services from Public Profiles.

Although access to Restricted Information will be limited as set forth above, it is important to note that if you share such information with others, they may copy that information or share it with others, including with the public. Footybook is not responsible for the actions of those with whom you choose to share your Restricted Information.

The Profile Settings that Footybook makes available to Members, as well as their functionality, may change as the Footybook services continue to evolve. We will provide reasonable advance notice of the changes in the Profile Settings section, or otherwise. Delays and errors in effecting Profile Setting preferences may occur and we do not represent that they will be immediate, complete, error-free, current, reliable or accurate. If you experience any problems with your Profile Settings, or have any questions or concerns regarding your Profile Settings, or you are interested in obtaining additional information regarding the settings options that may be available to you, please contact us via the contact information available at

Account ID and Profile ID

When you create an Account, Footybook assigns an "Account ID" to identify and organise information relating to your Account and a "Profile ID" for each Profile associated with an Account (collectively, your “Footybook IDs"). The Profile ID may allow Footybook to provide a unique internet URL for your Profile ("Profile URL"). As described above, Footybook IDs and/or Profile URLs constitute Public Information and may therefore be viewed, accessed, and/or used by anyone with access to the Footybook services. You cannot restrict access to Public Information through your Profile Settings.

Information we collect or store as you access and use the Footybook services

In addition to the information that you choose to submit to us via the Footybook services, we and our third party service providers may also collect certain information about you automatically, including through the use of various technologies that passively store or collect certain information whenever you interact with the Footybook services. This may include information about the nature of a User's interactions with the Footybook services. Usage Information may be stored or accessed using a variety of technologies including cookies, web beacons, embedded scripts, entity tags, and other similar technologies whether now or later devised (collectively "Web Technologies"), some of which may be downloaded to the computer or other device. The Usage Information that we collect may be non-identifying or it may be associated with you, your Account, and your Profile(s). In the event we collect certain information about your interaction with the Footybook services while you are a Visitor, Footybook may associate that information with your Account if you subsequently become a Member.

Examples of the Usage Information we may collect include:

  • your IP address or unique Device Identifiers;
  • your Device functionality (e.g. browser type, operating system, hardware, mobile network information, etc);
  • the URL that referred you to the Footybook Services;
  • the areas within the Footybook Services that you visit and your activities there, including remembering you and your preferences, products you add to wish lists, what products you are viewing, or Profiles or content pages you choose to connect with, etc;
  • your Device location (including using GPS and longitude and latitude location information);
  • your Device characteristics; and
  • certain other Device data (e.g. the time of day).

Please note that certain Web Technologies may set, change, alter, or modify settings or configurations on your Device. Additionally, third parties may use Web Technologies with the Footybook services. We may not control those Web Technologies and we are not responsible for them. For more information on the options that may be available to you for opting out of Web Technologies. You can also avoid the Web Technologies used on the Footybook services by not interacting with the Footybook services and uninstalling any mobile or other applications for which Footybook is the application publisher.

Information we receive from third parties
Footybook may receive various types of information about your third parties, including Demographic Information, Personal Information, web usage information, inferences drawn from that data, and unique Device Identifiers.

Footybook may also receive or collect certain information about you from third party websites, platforms, or services in the event you choose to take advantage of various features that may allow you to integrate information on or to the Footybook services. For example, Footybook may provide you with the option to voluntarily: (i) sync content from Twitter and/or Facebook that will appear on the Footybook services in your activity feed; (ii) authenticate your identity and register for Footybook using Facebook's authentication protocol; or (iii) otherwise integrate information from third-party sources. These third party integrations and applications are collectively referred to in this Policy as "Third Party Linked Services". Should you voluntarily choose to take advantage of the Third Party Linked Services offered through the Footybook services, we may receive certain information about you from the relevant third party providers, including the following:

  • Name
  • Nickname or username
  • Photo or graphic avatar
  • Unique third-party website identifier (e.g., Facebook User ID)
  • Biographical or Demographic Information (e.g., professional title, gender, college attended, etc.)
  • Likes and interests
  • Connections
  • Content accessed or associated with your third party service account (e.g., articles, songs, videos)
  • Any information that is publicly available on third party websites
  • Device location (including GPS and longitude and latitude location information)
  • Other information that you choose to share with Footybook

We may supplement or otherwise combine the information we collect directly through the Footybook services with information received or collected from other third parties. Footybook will treat any information received from third parties (including providers of Third Party Linked Services) as set forth in this Policy. However, the information practices of third parties are not governed by this Policy. Footybook cannot control the treatment of your information by third parties and we are not responsible for their privacy practices, which may differ from those described in this Policy. We encourage you to review the privacy policies and terms of service of any such third parties prior to choosing to integrate and/or install them on your Account or disclosing information to them. If you have any questions regarding a third party's information practices, you must contact the relevant entity directly.

Information you provide about a third party
You may have the opportunity to communicate with others from the Footybook services, such as by sending an invitation to a friend. If you choose to take advantage of this functionality, we may ask you to provide us with certain information about the person with whom you wish to communicate (e.g., name, e-mail address, mobile number, etc.). Footybook collects such information for the purposes of facilitating the requested communication, which may contain a specific promotional message from you (e.g., an invitation to register for the Footybook services). Unless we explicitly say otherwise, Footybook will not use this information for other marketing purposes without first obtaining consent from the person to whom the relevant information pertains. Please be aware that when you use any send-to-a-friend functionality on the Footybook services, your e-mail address, mobile number, name or username, and message may be included in the communication sent to your addressee(s). Some of these tools may be third-party tools subject to third-party privacy policies.

Footybook Use and disclosure of your information
Except as otherwise set forth in this Policy, we may use the information that we collect about you through the Footybook services for any purposes not prohibited by applicable laws and regulations, including as follows:

1) Public information and Footybook ID
Footybook may use and share your Public Information, including Footybook IDs, for any reason in our discretion.

2) Restricted information and other information
Footybook may also disclose any of your Restricted Information and any other information we have received from or about you, as set forth in the following subsections. In addition, Footybook may use and disclose your information for other purposes when you provide us with prior consent to use your information in such a manner.

Restricted information and other information
We may use any information we collect from and about Users in connection with providing and managing the Footybook services. This may include, among other things: (i) measuring and improving the Footybook services; (ii) facilitating your participation in online contests or promotions; (iii) enabling you to communicate and share with other Users; (iv) recommending content or connections (including other Users) to you; (v) providing you with customer support and other requested services; and (vi) responding to your inquiries.

To third party service providers to assist us in providing and managing Footybook services We may make your information available to our agents and service providers so that they can provide requested services on our behalf. These third parties assist us in providing and managing the Footybook services in a variety of ways, including by: (i) developing or supporting products and features; (ii) supporting our marketing efforts (e.g., conducting e-mail marketing campaigns on our behalf); (iii) processing payments; (iv) administering message boards; (v) fulfilling orders; (vi) processing data or statistics; (vii) hosting media content; (viii) reviewing content for compliance with the Terms of Use; and (ix) assisting with the administration, judging, and prize fulfilment aspects of contests, promotions and sweepstakes.

To Third Party Linked Services
When you choose to use a Third Party Linked Service, you are authorising the Footybook services to share information generated by or available on the Footybook services, including Personal Information, with Third Party Linked Services, including, but not limited to:

  • Full Name
  • Username
  • Unique Footybook Identifier (e.g., Footybook IDs)
  • Stated Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Biographical or Demographic Information (e.g., professional title, college attended, etc)
  • Interests
  • Connections
  • Any Information that Is Publicly Available on the Footybook Services
  • Device location (including using GPS and longitude and latitude location information)
  • Other Information that You Choose to Share with Third-Party Linked Services

Your decision to use, link to, install, integrate with or share with, a Third-Party Linked Service when accessing or using the Footybook services is completely voluntary. Footybook sharing of information with Third-Party Linked Services from the Footybook services is governed by this Policy. Footybook is not responsible for the data collection and privacy practices by the Third-Party Linked Service provider. However, you are encouraged to review the privacy policy and terms of service governing the use of the Third-Party Linked Service in order to understand how the Third-Party Linked Service will use the information you authorised Footybook to share on your behalf.

Analytics services
Footybook uses third party analytics providers and products to obtain, compile and analyse information that may include your Profile Content (both Public Information and Restricted Information), Demographic Information, Usage Information and/or Device Identifiers about how Users are using and interacting with the Footybook services. Footybook may provide such information to these analytics providers for the purpose of obtaining statistics and other information about how Users are using and interacting with the Footybook services.

These analytics providers may use their own Web Technologies to provide us with these services and may otherwise collect or have access to information about you, including your Profile Content, Demographic Information, Usage Information and/or Device Identifiers. We are not responsible for those third-party Web Technologies or activities arising out of them. Some third-party analytics providers may offer you certain choices regarding their practices. Footybook is not responsible for the effectiveness of or compliance with any third parties' opt-out choices.

To allow other users to find you
Footybook uses Public Information and Restricted Information in connection with User search inquiries to establish potential matches to search criteria using tools made available as part of the Footybook services. We make good faith efforts not to display to other Users your Restricted Information except in accordance with your Profile Settings. Please note that Members under the self-reported age of 18 are not intended to show up in the results of Footybook “people browse” feature, which allows Users to browse for Members based on certain criteria inputted by the User (e.g. name, email).

To deliver relevant content and recommendations To make your experience more interesting or relevant, we may use information you provide, or that we collect about you (e.g., Profile Content, including without limitation page views, queries, media consumption, and connections between your Profile and other Profiles or content pages), and information we may collect from other Users and third parties (e.g., Facebook or Twitter) to assist us in recommending Member and content connections to you on Footybook.

To contact you
Footybook may periodically send promotional materials or notifications related to Footybook services or the services or products of Footybook partners to the email address you provided to us in your Registration Information or to the messaging functionality of your Profile(s). By maintaining an Account and/or using Footybook services, you consent to the receipt of promotional materials or notifications to your e-mail address or Profile(s). If you want to stop receiving promotional materials from Footybook you may unsubscribe by changing your profile settings. Please note that your opt-out request will not apply to subsequent or different subscriptions, or to certain transactional communications relating to your Account or use of the Footybook services (e.g., administrative and service announcements). You may continue to receive transactional messages from Footybook even if you choose to opt-out from receiving our marketing or promotional communications.

To support and improve the Footybook services
Many of the Footybook services are free to Users because they are supported by advertising. We strive to make the advertising on the Footybook services as relevant to you as possible. As a result, you may be served ads that are personalised based on, for example, your location, age, gender, content consumption, connections and other information, and we and third parties may use Web Technologies to deliver these ads. Additionally, we may share your Personal Information, Demographic Information, Usage Information, Device Identifiers, and any other information that we receive or collect with our partners (including our third-party advertising partners) in order to enable customisation of the advertising displayed on the Footybook services, other websites across the internet and other platforms, services and networks, including mobile and other connected Device platforms, and for other purposes not prohibited by this Policy. The parties with whom we may share your information may in turn share your information with others.

To deliver social advertising to you and your friends
Footybook and Footybook ad-technology provider(s), including, for example, third-party providers, may also use Profile Content (both Public Information and Restricted Information) when delivering advertisements to you, your Footybook connections, other Users, and other users on any third party advertising networks, including for example, by including your full name, username and/or photo in, or in connection with, sponsored content and advertisements.

We may, from time to time, offer you options to manage this type of social advertising via your Profile Settings, and Footybook will, and will require Specific Media or other providers to make good faith efforts to respect Profile Settings when delivering social advertisements.

To protect the rights of Footybook and our users and to comply with legal process
To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Footybook may also disclose User information if we believe in good faith that doing so is necessary or appropriate to: (i) protect or defend the rights, safety or property of Footybook or third parties (including through the enforcement of this Policy, our Terms of Service, and other applicable agreements and policies); or (ii) comply with legal and regulatory obligations (e.g., pursuant to law enforcement inquiries, subpoenas, court orders or consent decrees). To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Footybook has complete discretion in electing to make or not make such disclosures, and to contest or not contest requests for such disclosures, all without notice to you.

Co-Branded areas
Certain areas of the Footybook services may be provided to you in association with third parties ("Co-Branded Areas") such as sponsors, charities and political organisations and will generally require you to disclose Personal Information to them. Such Co-Branded Areas will identify the third party and indicate if they have a privacy policy that applies to their collection and use of your information. If you elect to register for products and/or services, communicate with such third parties or download their content or applications, at Co-Branded Areas, you may be providing your information to both us and the third party. Further, if you sign-in to a Co-Branded Area with a username and password obtained on the Footybook services, your Personal Information may be disclosed to the identified third parties for that Co-Branded Area. We are not responsible for such third party's data collection or practices and you should look to such third-party privacy policies for more information.

Sweepstakes, contests and promotions
We may offer sweepstakes, contests and other promotions (collectively, "Promotions") through the Footybook services that may require registration. By participating in a Promotion, you are agreeing to official rules that govern that Promotion, which may contain specific requirements of you, including allowing the sponsor of the Promotion to use your name, voice and/or likeness in advertising or marketing associated with the Promotion. If you choose to enter a Promotion, Personal Information may be disclosed to third parties or the public in connection with the administration of such Promotion, including in connection with winner selection, prize fulfilment and as required by law or permitted by the Promotion's official rules, such as on a winners list.

Choices regarding third party tracking and targeting
This Policy discloses how Footybook collects, uses, discloses and transfers your information and uses Web Technologies in connection with the Footybook services to which this Policy applies. This Policy does not govern the collection, use, disclosure, or transfer of your information or use of Web Technologies by third parties. The collection, use, disclosure, or transfer of your information or use of Web Technologies by third parties is governed by the applicable third parties' privacy policies. Accordingly, you are encouraged to check those privacy policies for information about their individual privacy practices. We make no representations regarding the policies or practices of third party advertisers or advertising networks or exchanges or related third parties.

How we safeguard user information
Footybook takes reasonable precautions to preserve the integrity and security of your Personal Information. We cannot however ensure or warrant the security of any information accessed, stored or transmitted by Footybook.

Protecting children's privacy
Footybook understands the importance of protecting children's privacy in the interactive world. We do not use the Footybook services to knowingly collect Personal Information from children under the age of 13 without parental consent. If you are a child under 13 years of age, you are not permitted to use the Footybook services and should not send any information about yourself to us through the Footybook services.

In the event that Footybook becomes aware that we have collected Personal Information from any child, we will dispose of that information in accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and other applicable laws and regulations. If you are a parent or guardian and you believe that your child under the age of 13 years old has provided us with information without your consent, please contact us and we will take reasonable steps to ensure that such information is deleted from our systems.

If there are changes to the policy
This Policy, your Profile Settings and your interaction with the Footybook Services are the primary means by which Footybook provides you with notice and choice regarding its collection and use of your Personal Information.

Footybook may modify this Policy and/or Profile Setting options at any time. However, if we make material changes to this Policy that expand our rights to use your Personal Information, we will notify you either through an email and/or a prominent notice at the Footybook Website, or as otherwise required or permitted by law. You express your affirmative consent to any material changes if you choose to continue using the Footybook services following notice of these changes in this manner. Your participation in and use of the Footybook services is entirely voluntarily and you may choose to cease using the Footybook services and/or to terminate your Account and its associated Profile(s) at any time and for any reason.

Managing your information on and communications from, Footybook We provide you with the ability through your Profile Settings to access, edit, or delete certain of your Registration Information and Profile Content. Please note that certain Registration Information is required to maintain an Account; therefore, if you desire to delete required Registration Information you will have to delete your Account and associated Profiles. If you no longer want to use the Footybook services, you may cancel your Account at any time. Even after you cancel your Account or delete information or Profile Content, copies of some information from your Account or Profile(s) may remain viewable in circumstances where, for example, you have shared information with a Third Party Linked Service, or if another Visitor or Member copied, stored or shared your information or has a copy of the link to content you shared on the Footybook services. To the extent permitted by applicable law, we may also retain backup information related to your Account and associated Profile(s) on our servers for as long as is reasonably necessary after cancellation for fraud detection, site operation or to comply with applicable law or our internal security policies. Please be aware that, due to the nature of certain internet and mobile technologies outside of our control, such as caching and networked technology, your Account may not be instantly inaccessible to others and there may be a delay in the removal of your information and content from elsewhere on the internet.

Footybook communicates with you for a number of different purposes. You may choose to stop receiving commercial e-mail from us for a specific purpose, multiple purposes or all purposes. You will also have the option of clicking on a link included in e-mail correspondence you receive from us in order to remove yourself from one or more of our types of communications. You may also opt-out of certain Footybook communications via Profile Settings. Please note that there might be a brief delay between when you submit your request to "opt-out" and when it is processed and reflected in our systems. Accordingly you may continue to receive communications from us for a limited time after you unsubscribe. If your opt-out is limited to certain types of e-mails, the opt-out will be so limited. Please note that we reserve the right to send you certain transactional communications relating to your account or use of the Footybook services, such as administrative and service announcements even if you choose to opt-out from receiving our marketing or promotional communications.

How to contact us
If you have questions about this Policy or any complaints about our procedures please contact Footybook via the contact information available from


Cookies. A cookie is a data file placed on a Device when it is used to visit the Footybook services. A Flash cookie (or locally shared object) is a data file placed on a Device via the Adobe Flash plug-in that may be built-in to or downloaded by you to your Device. HTML5 cookies can be programmed through HTML5 local storage. Unlike Flash cookies, HTML5 cookies do not require a plug-in. Regular cookies may generally be disabled or removed by tools that are available as part of most commercial internet browsers, and in some instances can be blocked in the future by selecting certain settings. Each browser you use will need to be set separately and different browsers offer different functionality and options in this regard. Also, these tools may not be effective with regard to Flash cookies or HTML5 cookies. For information on disabling Flash cookies go to Adobe's website Please be aware that if you disable or remove cookies, Flash cookies, or HTML5 cookies on your Device, some parts of the Footybook services may not function properly, and that when you revisit the Footybook services your ability to limit cookies is subject to your browser settings and limitations.

Device. The personal computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or other handheld device, internet connected television or other device that you use to access the Footybook services.

Device Identifier. A unique string of numbers, letters or characters that is automatically assigned to your Device used to access the Footybook services that allows our servers to identify your Device.

Embedded Scripts. An embedded script is programming code that is designed to collect information about your interactions with the Footybook services, such as the links you click on. The code is temporarily downloaded onto your Device from our web server or a third party service provider, is active only while you are connected to the Footybook services, and is deactivated or deleted thereafter.

ETag, or entity tag. A feature of the cache in browsers. It is an opaque identifier assigned by a web server to a specific version of a resource found at a URL. If the resource content at that URL ever changes, a new and different ETag is assigned. Used in this manner ETags are a form of Device Identifier. ETag tracking may generate unique tracking values even where the consumer blocks HTTP, Flash, and/or HTML5 cookies.

Web Beacons. Small graphic images or other web programming code called web beacons (also known as "1x1 GIFs" or "clear GIFs") may be included in the Footybook services' pages and messages. Web beacons may be invisible to you, but any electronic image or other web programming code inserted into a page or e-mail can act as a web beacon. Web beacons or similar technologies may be used for a number of purposes, including to: count visitors to the Footybook services, to monitor how users navigate the Footybook services, to count how many e-mails that were sent were actually opened or to count how many particular articles or links were actually viewed.